The name of my practice is “Trailheads Counseling and Psychotherapy”.  The image of a trailhead has meaning for me.  Many people come into therapy at some sort of crossroad.  Perhaps the “map” of their life has run out, or lead to a dead end…  My goal is to assist clients look at and choose which path or trail is next for them.  Identifying and choosing which trail requires the consideration of one’s best Self.  Discovering that Self and allowing it to lead into the next trailhead is good imagery for my practice.

A primary focus of my practice is to assist couples overcome problems and issues in their relationship. Problems of communication, conflict, emotional distance and sexual problems are all issues that can be productively addressed in therapy. Many couples begin therapy in crisis following an affair or at the brink of divorce. Others are disappointed in their relationship and know that there is more intimacy and satisfaction to be found with the partner they love. If you are reluctantly considering divorce, you may discover effective treatment for repairing your relationship. Intensive and extended sessions may be arranged on weekends or evenings in some circumstances.

My practice is particularly open to men and some of the concerns and issues that result from growing up male in our culture. Unique expressions of anxiety or depression, perfectionism or procrastination, compulsive sexual behaviors, pornography use, unprocessed trauma or sexual issues are all concerns that I welcome working with clients to resolve.